St Georges Street, Norwich

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Bar Food


Pepperoni and salami

Mozzarella base finished with a mix of Pepperoni and Salami


Meat Feast

Gouda cheese, Salami, Closed cap mushrooms, Ham slices and Pepperoni Salami



Mozzarella and Edam Cheese, Topped with Cherry Tomatoes and Basil



Mozzarella base topped with Pineapple chunks and Ham slices


Gluten Free – Mozzarella

Saucy Tomato base, topped with Mozzarella, Basil and Chopped tomato


Gluten Free – Salami

Tomato sauce base with Mozzarella and Edam cheese, topped with Salami


Mushroom and Herbs

Mozzarella base topped with closed cap mushrooms and a mix of herbs



Loaded Nachos




Cheesy Chips